ST 9273- Desigo CC Master Operator

Overview: Configure and modify applications within Desigo CC to increase your efficiency in monitoring and controlling building systems. Upon successful completion of the training path, you will earn Master Operator status on the latest Desigo CC market package.

Participants: For advanced users of Desigo CC whose role is to perform configuration changes and troubleshoot using the Desigo CC Management Station.

Objectives: Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate automatic and non-automatic symbol association

  • Create point properties on a graphic

  • Create graphical elements that appear and/or disappear on a graphic

  • Modify a template graphic for all TECs of the same application

  • Create a new template graphic for a specific TEC application

  • Associate an object or a point to a document

  • Navigate to a customized Object Model or Function Model

  • Create a custom text group

  • Define a point for conditional trending

  • Customize a scope for single point access, FLN access only and access to a specific application

  • Apply Custom Views related to divisions, roles or equipment

  • Perform database maintenance at the field panel level, project level and SQL server level

  • Use Desigo CC as a troubleshooting tool to identify an abnormal condition

Topics in this class include:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Graphics

  • Documents

  • Database Configuration

  • Conditional Trending

  • Reaction Processor

  • User Accounts

  • Security Groups

  • Custom Scopes

  • Custom Views

  • Database Maintenance

Prerequisites: ST 9203 - Desigo CC Workstation I and ST 9254 - Desigo CC Workstation II

Course Length: 3.0 Days

CEUs: 2.3

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