ST 8004 - Insight to Desigo CC Migration

Overview: Learn the skills that will allow you to plan an active role in your migration from Insight to Desigo CC. Students will learn how to work with Siemens to ensure a smooth migration.

Participants: For users of Insight who will be migrating to Desigo CC. This course is designed for experienced Insight users and recommended for those that have configure and edit rights in Insight and will continue to have those rights in Desigo CC.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, students will learn to:

  • Understand the Insight to Desigo CC migration workflow

  • Configure system settings to manage users, security access and alarm behaviors

  • Perform activities with Desigo CC applications to facilitate the migration and enhance the long-term operation of Desigo CC

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Creating Users and Security Groups to match Insight

  • Using Desigo CC Scopes to recreate Insight Access Groups

  • Editing graphics after they have been migrated

  • Reporting in Desigo CC

  • BACnet scheduling and P2 Equipment Schedulers

  • Reviewing migrated trends and creating Trend View Definitions

  • Recreating Insight Remote Notification functionality in Desigo CC

  • Configuring Assisted and Automated Event Treatment

  • Additional functionality new with Desigo CC that is not in Insight

Prerequisites: ST 6254 - Insight Workstation II or ST 7254 - Insight Workstation II with BACnet

Course Length: 3.5 days

CEUs: 2.6

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