ST 6203 - Insight Workstation I

Overview: Learn how to monitor and control your Insight Workstation through hands-on guided exercises and discussions. A scenario-based skills assessment at the end of the course allows you to put into practice the knowledge you have learned.

Participants: For users of Insight whose role is to perform day-to-day operations on an Insight Workstation.

Objectives: Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:

  • Describe a basic HVAC system

  • Recognize a communication path between a physical device and definition of a point

  • Treat an active point in alarm

  • Sort point alarms and view alarm history

  • Add a point memo and recognize informational text

  • Identify systemic issues utilizing alarm history for a point in alarm

  • Navigate Insight graphics

  • Command points that are displayed on a graphic

  • Manage alarms form a graphic

  • Identify the four basic point types

  • View a Point Information Block Group

  • Open a Word document from a graphic

  • Describe Distributed Digital Control

  • Interpret BLN messages and identify hardware components

  • Describe the System Profile Application

  • Run a Panel Point Log Report from the Insight main menu

  • Utilize Object Selector to configure a report

  • Describe how commanding a point effects building operations

  • Describe point status indicators

  • Run and interpret a Panel Trend Data Detail report

  • Run and interpret a trend collection

  • Run a trend data detail report

  • Interpret the operations of an existing schedule

  • Explain how schedules automate the regular processes of a facility

  • Explain how to modify the normal operating schedule

  • Explain the difference between historical, dynamic and combined dynamic plots

Topics in this class include:

  • HVAC Concepts

  • Alarms and Network Messages

  • System Tools

  • Network Status

  • Point Evaluation, Command and Control

  • Trend Data

  • Scheduling

  • Dynamic Plotter

  • Knowledge Assessment

  • Skills Assessment

Prerequisites:  None

Course Length: 3.0 Days

CEUs: 2.3

Additional Information: For experienced operators, we offer a web-based tool to test your knowledge of the information taught in this class.  The tool is available on ES Online at no cost.

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