ST 503 - Insight Refresher

Overview: Refresh your knowledge on the Insight Workstation. Students will interact with a live online instructor and other students to work through real-world scenarios using Insight. This course is comprised of two 90 minute sessions and one 60 minute session that are taught virtually.

Participants: For users of Insight who need to refresh their skills on the Insight Workstation. This class is optional and not required to earn Master Operator status.

Objectives: Upon completion of the class, you should be able to:

  • Identify the Trend Flow process

  • Identify the types of Insight Trend reports

  • Demonstrate creating a trend by using interval and change of value trend method

  • Demonstrate creating a trend in a BACnet field panel

  • Demonstrate adding multiple points into trend using the Trend Wizard

  • Demonstrate the ability to run Trend Collection, Panel Trend Data Detail report and Trend Data Detail report

  • Discuss the fundamental relationship in Insight between points, zones, schedules and PPCL

  • Demonstrate how to create and schedule zones and events

  • Discuss the difference between command table and PPCL

  • Demonstrate how to create BACnet command objects

  • Demonstrate how to build BACnet schedules that incorporate BACnet calendars and control BACnet command objects

  • Demonstrate the functions of the Insight Backup Utility

  • Demonstrate the functions of the Database Transfer Application

  • Demonstrate how to backup and restore a database using the Insight Backup Utility

  • Demonstrate MMI Database Transfer for Insight

Topics covered in this class include:

  • Trending

  • Equipment

  • Scheduling

  • Database Utilities

Prerequisites: Completion of the ST 6203 - Insight Workstation I course is recommended

Course Length: 4 hours

CEUs: .4

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