Dedicated to solving the unique challenges of your enterprise business

The Enterprise Client Solutions business from Siemens recognizes that as an enterprise your needs are both unique and complex.  We are here to help you simplify that complexity and drive results through enterprise-level building performance, occupant comfort and portfolio safety solutions across your entire geographic footprint.

The Siemens Enterprise Client Solutions Difference

Through a dedicated approach to client and program management we standardize the delivery of solutions and services across your entire portfolio, ensuring consistent performance and quality, with the ultimate goal of achieving your primary business objectives.

Deliver Bottom-line Results

Drive Business Continuity

Extend Team & Capabilities

Benefit from consistently delivered solutions designed to:
- drive down operations & maintenance costs
- maintain safe & efficient work environments

Obtain  customized solutions with  globally uniform pricing through a consultative approach

Reduce the complexity & costs of managing a network of local vendors

Mitigate risk by leveraging industry leading technology coupled with our world-class expertise and hands-on experience

Ensure consistent quality & performance is delivered across geographies via Siemens global reach with local presence

Fully leverage our global network of engineers, project managers & technicians

Utilize centralized back-office functions to streamline implementation & support

Engage with a single interface via dedicated client and program management to understand and anticipate your needs

Offering the most comprehensive set of building and enterprise infrastructure solutions

Building Automation

Siemens Building Automation systems provide the scalability & flexibility needed for achieving high-performing, comfortable, & energy-efficient facilities portfolio-wide.

Fire & Life Safety

Complete fire solutions including fire system installations & all fire related services for systems from small to large, including the most critical applications in the industry.


Providing industry-specific experience & advanced technology to define your needs, design, build, commission, operate, maintain &, finally, modernize & expand your security solution.

Energy Management

Comprehensive building performance solution set comprised of energy consumption, energy supply & sustainability strategies that maximize the lifecycle value of your portfolio.


Our business is to help you optimize your supply of energy, reduce your consumption of costly resources and help your business become more sustainable.

Professional Services

From responsive on-site support to long-range planning we have a complete, customizable portfolio of building & infrastructure services to match your facility & budget goals.

Experience, expertise and market specific solutions

  • Commercial Real Estate 
    & Facility Management

  • Data Centers

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Pharmaceuticals
    & Chemical

  • Private Equity, Finance 
    & Banking

  • Ships

  • Technology & Telecom

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