Data Center Infrastructure Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management “DCIM” has become the big “must have” on the data center project list, despite the ongoing weak economic environment. So what exactly is DCIM and why is almost every organization putting it on their shopping list?

If you ask different people in the Mission Critical environment what “infrastructure” means, you will get some very diverse answers. This also holds true for the current crop of DCIM offerings by the various vendors. In some cases the products are based on adaptations of traditional Building Management Systems (BMS), while in others, it is more focused on IT asset management.

As to the question of why many have already fully deployed systems and others have put pilot projects into their budgets, their motivations also vary.   So is DCIM just market driven hype, or are there tangible benefits to be realized.

Please join us as we delve into the current level of capabilities and potential advantages of DCIM, as well as the challenges of implementation. 


Julius Neudorfer
CTO & Founder
North American Access Technologies, Inc.

John Kovach
Global Head, Data Centers Vertical Market
Senior Director
Siemens Industry, Inc.