What Our Customers are Saying

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Customer Comments

  • Commercial Office

    Commercial Office

    Valued Customer Since 1991:
    "Outstanding close-out of a very complicated project."

  • Datacenters

    Data Centers

    Valued Data Center Customer:
    "When it comes to delivery, Siemens not only has good pricing, but more clarity, reliability and performance across all types of products than most of our vendors."

  • Commercial Office

    Commercial Office

    Valued Customer Since 1967:
    "Great commitment to solving problems. Good employees who provide options and make sound decisions."

  • Federal & State Government

    Federal & State Government

    Valued Customer of Retrofit / Upgrade:
    "Siemens is an industry leader which I feel separates them from others who provide similar products and services. Their commitment far exceeds my expectations."

  • Food and Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    Valued Food & Beverage Customer:
    "I have worked with Siemens on several projects over the past years, and have been impressed with the their service technicians and integrators. Terrific resources!"

  • Customer Comments Healthcare


    Valued Customer Since 1956:
    "Account representative and service technician are very knowledgeable and friendly. Always willing to assist and educate."

  • Customer Comments Higher Education

    Higher Education

    Valued College University Customer:
    "Siemens Building Technologies has exceeded my expectation over and over."

  • K-12


    Valued Customer Since 1966:
    "I am very pleased with Siemens across the board. The people who have gone out of their way to help me have been outstanding!"

  • Bio-Tech

    Pharmaceutical / Biotech

    Valued Medical Labs Customer:
    "I believe Siemens does an excellent job in supporting our operations."

  • Public Housing

    Public Housing

    Valued Housing and Urban Development Customer:
    "Great people and response! I am always able to get to our primary contact, with a 100% response to my questions and concerns!"

  • Retail & Commercial

    Retail & Commercial

    Valued Commercial Customer:
    "Siemens did a great job listening to our needs then developed and implemented a solution that meet our needs and compliance requirements."

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