Reduce energy, preserve the guest experience and centralize control with a service-driven partner.

Let our portfolio of products and onboard, shipyard, or drydock service solutions help you deepen customer loyalty and achieve your business goals. No company better understands the systems and services needed to keep your customers delighted and your business running profitably through an optimally performing vessel. Best of all, whether at a port of call or at sea, our global team has the resources to service any one of your ships, no matter the time or location.

Reduce Energy Use

Enhance Guest Experience

Centralize Control

Tap into our expert knowledge of HVAC system mechanical, electrical and controls to design, implement, and integrate solutions that deliver operational and energy savings.

· Minimize emergency repairs and manage control product and equipment upgrades through preventive and predictive maintenance plans.

· Optimize chilled water plant performance and reduce power usage with Siemens patented Demand Flow® technology.

· Leverage innovations in technology and sustainable designs through performance-guaranteed financing that measures and guarantees dollars back from energy savings.

· Understand ship systems and their interrelationships: HVAC, mechanical, fire and life systems, security and PLCs for refrigeration rooms and compressors; spas; pools; food waste systems; evaporators and water management equipment.

 Learn more about Demand Flow Read "Slashing HVAC Energy Usage" article

Our approach to service mirrors yours: we want to ensure your guests have a memorable vacation by creating an environment that is comfortable, safe, sustainable and relaxing.

· Our engineering and project personnel can implement, upgrade and commission systems in any scenario, whether underway, drydock, or at the shipyard.

· Remotely troubleshoot, manage and maintain a ship’s system with our cloud-based monitoring and control platform, Navigator.

· Predict, plan and schedule maintenance through routinely conducted onboard system analysis.

· Underway maintenance is performed expeditiously and with minimal disruption to the guest experience.

Gain greater visibility and improve operations throughout your fleet with the Siemens cloud-based data management platform, Navigator.

· Manage, control, monitor, and analyze all systems in the entire fleet from one centralized office.

· Delve into each ship’s system to identify outliers based on performance comparisons.

· Use data analysis, reporting, and Siemens consultative services for a solid foundation from which you can make comprehensive decisions about energy procurement, energy consumption, system performance, and sustainability.

· Make faster, timely adjustments with remote monitoring, diagnosis and control.

· Achieve sustainability targets and a reduced environmental impact.

 Learn more about Navigator

One comprehensive portfolio, one point of contact

Our comprehensive portfolio of control systems, electrical components, security and consulting services meets the needs of your entire fleet. No other company can provide this type of comprehensive portfolio and level of service. Our global team can service your ship anywhere in the world.

Fire & Life Safety

Fire solutions including fire alarm testing and inspection, data protection and data recovery services, technology audits, educational services, and more.


From access control to systems training, we can help design, build, commission, operate, maintain, modernize and expand your security solution.

Building Automation

Siemens Building Automation systems provide the scalability and flexibility needed for achieving high-performing, comfortable, & energy-efficient vessels.

Energy Services

Maximize the lifecycle value of your portfolio with strategies that address fuel consumption, energy efficiency, sustainability, utility bill management, and energy supply.

Maintenance Services

From responsive on-site support to long-range planning, we offer tailored agreements that address your organization’s goals through measurable results and remain within your budget.

Marine HVAC Controls

Keep guests comfortable and save energy with long lasting and reliable variable frequency drives, valves and valve actuators, sensors, thermostats and controllers.

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