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Siemens is the world market leader for safe, reliable, and energy-efficient buildings and infrastructures.  As a service provider, system integrator, and product manufacturer, our solutions, services, and expertise include a totally-integrated portfolio that allows us to help optimize building automation, fire safety and security systems, HVAC, air quality, power distribution and management, and energy efficiency for all buildings.

As a true full-service ESCO, Siemens provides our customers with the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end energy solutions – from energy reduction to production and procurement – enabling cities to best achieve all energy and water goals while positively impacting the economy and environment.

Siemens extensive expertise in guaranteed performance-based solutions, combined with our scalable, proven portfolio, allows us to most efficiently and effectively meet the needs of all communities, including small-, medium-, and large-sized cites.

Our city-wide solutions include:

  • Alternative and renewable energy

  • Water cycle improvements

  • Traffic lights and street lighting retrofits

  • Intelligent parking systems

  • Landfill gas to energy

  • Green buildings

We can work with cities to identify solutions that help make existing resources more efficient while identifying financing and structuring performance guarantees that help you remain a viable, sustainable community.

Western Tidewater Regional Jail Case Study

Reducing energy consumption at state-funded and municipal buildings has been, and remains to be, an important initiative for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

• Learn how the misuse of energy and water usage by prisoners resulted  in reduced energy costs as well as promote a safer, more secure facility 
• Discover how boilers running at 75% to 100% now run more efficiently and dramatically impact energy, maintenance, and repair costs

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ICMA SMART COMMUNITIES: Rethinking Infrastructure - A Report Co-Sponsored by ICMA and Siemens

Cities and counties are deploying smart cities applications to support energy, water, and wastewater operations. According to a 2016 survey conducted by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), in partnership with the Smart Cities Council, 38.7 percent of communities have smart cities applications in active deployment in the energy sector, while 37.5 percent have smart cities applications in active deployment in the water and wastewater sectors. Additionally, nearly a third of communities - 29.7 percent - cited the water and wastewater sector as their top smart cities priority.

This report looks at smart cities technologies that communities are deploying across the energy and water sectors and examines challenges - some unique to these sectors and some that apply more broadly across smart cities applications.

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