SED2 Variable Frequency Drives

Designed specifically for HVAC applications, the SED2 VFD supports a wide variety of digital and analog I/O for diverse control capability. Built-in PID features control pumps and fans, and an integral system protocol can interface P1/N2 networks. Using the SED2 multi-level parameter access, operators can quickly pinpoint relevant data.




Available as Open IP20, NEMA Type 1, IP54 (NEMA Type 12)

Various enclosure choices and price options

Allows choice of proper cost/performance balance

Built-in SBT P1 and JCI N2 (Metasys®) building automation system protocols for easy network integration

Reduced wiring cost, faster start-up, advanced system control via direct BMS control

Reduces total installation costs

LON and Modbus interfaces optional

Integrates to existing BMS protocols

Allows seamless integration with existing BMS network

Low Harmonics design

Eliminates most application needs for line reactors

Reduces system power stresses and demands

Custom PID algorithm

PID appropriate for HVAC systems built in to every unit

Fast and accurate process and pressure control

Pump controller/cascading functions

Pump staging for open loop, constant pressure, and constant flow-type applications, eliminating the need for separate pump controller

Reduces programming and commissioning time for reduced overall installation costs

Accepts a wide variety of digital and analog I/O types, including direct Ni 1000 RTD sensor level inputs

Has built-in scaling for SBTs NI-1000W sensors; 0-10v and 0-20/4-20ma input signals are also available

Compatible with all common I/O, providing flexibility for many applications

Belt failure detection with or without an external sensor

Enhances system diagnostics and safety

Provides system performance and warning feedback

Multi-level program access

Allows user to custom configure and limit operator access and certain parameter settings

Provides security for escalation of technical issues

One common interface throughout all power ranges

Know how to use one, know how to use them all

Minimizes training, maximizes familiarity

Optional Advanced Operator Panel for uploading/downloading parameters

4 x 30 character backlit multi-language LCD display; Alphanumeric display, self-contained memory, built-in basic scheduling function

Provides 4 line display to make programming and diagnostics easier

Essential Service mode

Allows VFD to ignore all faults and continue to run in critical applications (commonly referred to as smoke purge)

Enhances critical functionality, meeting specifications for critical control

Service mode for applications requiring continuous, uninterruptible operation

Maintains equipment up-time

Prevents costly shut downs

Built-in Hand/Auto selection

Simplified control

No need for additional accessories

UL, CSA, CE certifications

Meets agency requirements

Meets customer requirements

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