BT300 Variable Frequency Drives

Latest technology with world class quality and reliability, designed to handle today’s demanding HVAC environments.

Siemens has the variable frequency drive you need!

Siemens engineers have retooled and field tested our VFD portfolio to ensure it delivers optimum results.

Available in frame sizes up to 250 hp, the BT300 is well-suited for demanding HVAC environments. Using the BT300 helps save 20-50% of energy compared to equipment with little or no control. Built-in features like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming and a sleep function help measure energy savings.


  • Energy savings up to 50% when operating fans and pumps

  • Drives up to 250 hp

  • User-friendly control panel with intuitive interface

  • Reliable control for a wide range of HVAC applications, including special control option in the event of fire

  • Complete system integration with Siemens expertise

  • Ethernet capabilities include BACnet IP and Modbus TCP

  • Environment safe – RoHS compliant

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The BT300 VFD is also available with an electronic or conventional bypass option to provide non-stop coverage for demanding HVAC environments.

The BT300 VFD with Electronic or Conventional Bypass is designed with the same sophisticated and industry-leading features of the BT300 VFD. This provides ultimate peace of mind to customers in mission-critical facilities.

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