599 Series Zone Valve Bodies and Valve Actuators

599 Series Zone Valve Bodies

599 Series Zone Valve Bodies

  • Fan coil units

  • Radiators

  • Baseboard heating

  • Floor heating

  • Unit ventilators




Proven stroke valve design

Provides smooth even stroke without rubber flappers or paddles

Eliminates “water-hammer” effect

Meet ANSI/FCI 70.2 Standard Class III valve seat leakage specification

Valve seat leakage is less than 0.1% of Cv at rated close-off pressure

Tight shut-off of controlled device eliminates overheating/cooling and wasted energy

Metal-to-Metal seating surfaces

Provides tight shut off meeting ANSI Class III specifications via globe stroke valve control

Eliminates traditional rubber flappers that can harden and chip over time causing leak paths and debris in the system

High close-off up to 44 psi for standard models

Holds closed in higher pressure systems without the need for actuator upgrades

Higher close-off than competitors standard models making sizing and selection easier

Choice of either Sweat or NPT end connections

Allows for standard screwed connections or brazing

Able to handle more applications in site installed or OEM equipment

Compact size with rotate-able actuator

Able to fit in tight spaces where competitive valves will not

Allows for use in the widest range of OEM equipment and HVAC applications

Double O-ring packing construction

Single packing for water applications 35°F to  230°F

One valve to stock

No-service stem packing

Long-life packing, lubricated for life of valve

Minimize service time - valve is disposable at end of service life

Complete range of Cv values

Follows similar regression of Cv values as other Siemens globe valves

Allows for ease in sizing and selection

Handles media temperatures from 35°F to 230°F

Allows hot or chilled water as well as 50% glycol solutions to be controlled

One valve can meet a variety of HVAC control applications

All actuators fit all valve bodies

Consistent engineering

Able to easily change out actuators

599 Series Zone Valve Actuators

599 Series Zone Valve Actuators

  • Fan coil units

  • Radiators

  • Baseboard heating

  • Floor heating

  • Unit ventilators




Direct-coupled, “screw-on” connection

Only hand tightening required

No tools required to install Reduces installation time

Provides 105N of linear thrust

Positive force for complete close-off

Direct linear force provides consistent close off unlike “swing type” valves

Available in 24V, 115V, 208V and 277V Variants

Products available to accept 24 Vdc, 24 Vac, 120 Vac, 208 Vac, and 277 Vac

A solution for every application – reduces the need for additional transformers

Manual override (SF.. and SS..)

Manually position valve in case of electric power, control signal or actuator failure

- Assures process operation in case of electric/ electronic failure and eases commissioning

- Eliminates need for additional manual bypass process piping

Spring Return fail-safe (SF.. and ST..)

Returns to a fail-safe position in the event of a power loss

Provides a measure of protection against both coil freeze and unwanted flow

Normally Open (SFP) or Normally Closed (SFA) action determined by actuator

Same valve body can be configured as either Normally Open or Normally Closed

Allows reconfiguration of a valve without taking it out of service or opening the water circuit

Multiple signal options

Products available to accept on/off (2P), floating (3P), proportional (0-10 vdc), or PWM signals

Provides a solution for every application and controller configuration

UL, cUL873 Listed for plenum installations (SF.. and SS..)

Meets North American agency approval standards

Assurance that products meet North American safety standards

ISO9002 Quality Certification

Manufactured in ISO9002 approved factories

Assurance that products meet world class quality standards 

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