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Get SimpleSelect™ — The Fast, Efficient Way to Size and Select Valves

Quickly build a valve schedule from our complete portfolio of valves & actuators. SimpleSelect now includes PICVs and their associated actuators and a comprehensive cross-reference that searches through 8,000 competitive or obsolete Siemens part numbers to find the right replacement.

New cross-reference part no. search generates speedy results.

A robust cross-reference search feature quickly and easily finds a Siemens match. It’s as simple as typing in a part number of the component you have. SimpleSelect sorts through competitive and discontinued Siemens part numbers and provides a drop down list of replacement options.

Valve Sizing Made Easier

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface helps you quickly size the valve you need with menus that allow you to:

  • Select type of valve from the portfolio

  • Choose the medium being controlled

  • Determine the correct Cv or Required Flow (gpm)

  • Calculate pressure drop and quantity of steam

Increase productivity with customizable settings

Keep information at your fingertips for convenient reference and store settings to help simplify time-consuming work.

  • Work online or offline

  • Download data sheets and photos for full offline access to specifications

  • Enter customer information, tagging instructions and project notes that you would like to include on your valve schedule exports

  • Prominently display your company’s information on all project submittals

  • Save frequently used part numbers to Favorites for fast, easy access

Easy installation let’s you start saving time right away!

SimpleSelect’s intuitive platform requires minimal training and makes building a Valve Schedule easier than ever. You’ll find it will dramatically reduce the time it takes to design, order and prepare project submittals.

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