Magnetic Valve and Actuator Combinations


Magnetic Valve and Actuator Combinations




Fast positioning time (< two seconds), high-resolution stroke (1000:1)

Extremely fast and accurate positioning

Unrivaled performance in HVAC control – suitable for light industrial process control and extremely fast closed loop control

Linear or equal-percentage valve characteristic

User selectable flow characteristic

Usable in all control systems, water or steam - multi-use product reduces inventory requirements

Switch-selectable control signal: 0 to 10 Vdc, 2 to 10 Vdc, or 4 to 20 mA

User selectable input signal

Usable with all standard control signals – multi-use product reduces inventory requirements

Position feedback with wear-free inductive stroke measurement

More durable than typical potentiometer type position measurement

Long life and consistent accurate feedback signal

Low friction, robust, no maintenance required

Very few moving parts and very little contact

Long service life and low labor costs

Fail-safe feature:          A → AB closed when de-energized

Provides positive plug placement in event of power failure

- Provides coil freeze protection when piped B -> AB

- Provides safety shut off of steam when piped A -> AB

Manual override

Manually position valve in case of power loss

- Assures process operation in case of power failure

- Eliminates need for additional manual bypass

- Process piping

- Eases commissioning

UL, cUL873 Listed, approved for plenum space installation

Meets North American agency approval standards

Assurance that products meet North American safety standards

Fast Positioning

Fast Positioning

  • Reduction in the level of control loop difficulty

  • Fast stabilization of disturbance variables

  • Instant response to set point changes

  • Utilization of complex control algorithms

  • Easy commissioning and monitoring

  • Enhanced operational reliability

How Do Magnetic Valves Work?

Input voltage provides the magnetic force
Input voltage provides the magnetic force

Magnetic force provides the valve stroke
Magnetic force provides the valve stroke

Infinite Stroke Resolution

Infinite Stroke Resolution

  • Accurate flow control, even in the smallest control increments

  • Highest control quality, even without parallel connection of two control valves

  • Application with the prevision class of <1°C possible

  • More tolerant to over-sizing

  • Proportional control response throughout the positioning range, independent of coil characteristic

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