BACnet Overview*

The TALON for BACnet System at Work

Starting with the TALON View Workstation, it's simple to install a dedicated workstation to manage and control an entire building.  From here, you can monitor equipment, schedule and modify operations, run reports and link to other workstations.  All of this is done through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

In addition to seamlessly integrating with devices from other manufacturers, a TALON system takes full advantage of the complete line of products available from Siemens.  You'll have control over almost any product you need in a wide range of configurations.

The TALON system represents an improvement for all your basic building automation tasks, including improved energy efficiency, productivity and system management.

TALON System Controllers

The TALON system controllers are BACnet certified and compliant.  They provide full featured control of a wide variety of HVAC equipment with flexible I/O and are available for a growing list of applications.

TALON Wireless Sensors

Our wireless sensors work with the TALON system to make retrofitting simple and cost-efficient.

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