LonMark Certified Controllers

TALON® controllers are configured on a "public" protocol, based on LonMark® standards.

LonMark is an open standard for interoperable control networks. It's used successfully in thousands of mission critical applications in major industries that depend upon dependability. Developers have already created an expansive array of LonMark compliant components, subsystems and applications.

While there are other open protocols, Staefa chose LonMark for our controllers because it goes furthest to ensure efficient conformity to open standards.

  • LonMark establishes a clear standard of compliance versus a scale of compliance. A scale of compliance only allows for "some what" compliance, which may or may not meet specifications.

  • LonMark ensures compliance by guaranteeing a controlled hardware implementation of its protocol. Implemented at the microchip level, this sensible approach also provides additional layers of reliability, performance and security.

  • Any controller or device that bears the LonMark label has been tested for conformance before achieving certification.

Visit the official LonMark website:  http://www.lonmark.org

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