About TALON Products

The TALON system has the system level applications, the network management, and programmability to make open systems building controls technology work effectively.

For effective facility management, the TALON® Workstation provides powerful building management functions, such as scheduling, alarming, trending, historical data collection and advanced energy management applications. You can remotely monitor your facilities, maintain consistent occupant comfort, take action to help manage energy consumption and costs, or do whatever is necessary for smooth and efficient building operations - from anywhere around the world.

The TALON Workstation is a flexible system interface that uses the Internet to provide efficient facility monitoring and control

  • Animated graphical user interface provides system access to an unlimited number of users over the Internet/Intranet with a standard Web Browser using Windows 2000®, NT 4.0, or XP

  • Access the system via the Web using existing PCs without purchasing special software

  • Powerful alarm management, messaging, and comprehensive database management services provide access to alarms, logs, graphics, schedules, and configuration data with a standard Web Browser.

  • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing via e-mail, wireless Web and pager technology.

  • 'Audit Trail' of database changes, storage and backup, calendar, central scheduling, control and energy management routines.

  • Assured password protection and security using standard Internet authentication and encryption techniques. Context-Sensitive On-Line Help documentation explains the use of software features, commands, and menu selections.

  • Enterprise level information exchange using HTTP / HTML / XML text formats.

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