Specialty Sensors

Solar Sensors

  • Reference sensor for HVAC applications where compensation of solar radiation is required or desired

  • Repositioning Blinds / Lighting Controls, Solar compensation for Heating / Cooling Applications




Small compact housing

Easy handling

Enables flexible mounting locations

NEMA 4 equivalent rating

Sealed with a gasket to keep out rain and moisture

Promotes outside mounting without damaging internal photo measurement cell

0-10 Volt or 4-20mA (selectable) output

Provides signal to controller

Linear over the measured solar radiation range

Output does not have to be converted from a sinusoidal function

0-10 Volt or 4-20mA (selectable) output

Provides signal to controller

Standard outputs, provides flexibility depending on controller input type

Air Velocity Sensors

  • True air flow measurement




Mounting flange

Secures the sensor to the ductwork

Allows the installer to vary the probe insertion length into the duct space for best control

Mounting flange dampening gasket

Minimizes vibration to the sensor

Enables sensor to stay firmly mounted

Graduated probe

Measures insertion length

Ensures maximum flow accuracy

Flow directional arrow

Assures correct probe orientation

Provides an accurate flow reading

Connection cable

Housing-to-probe electrical connection

Flexibility in mounting

Jumper selectable flow range

Field adjustable flow ranges

Application flexibility

Flow Switches

  • Demand-controlled ventilation of wet zones: This saves energy, and prevents damage resulting from humidity.

  • Booster pumps: Pumps activated in accordance with demand deliver the water pressure called for by the system.

  • Protection against dry-running: Motors are switched off when there is no flow.

  • Instantaneous District HW heaters: The heater is switched on when the water tap is opened.

  • General use: Independent monitoring of liquid flows in HVAC facility.





Detachable steel paddles (4)

Used for measuring flows in different pipe sizes

Provides correct flow measurement based on pipe diameter

Adjustment screw

Sets switching threshold

Allows switching point to be varied based on flow rate

Single part number

Handles multiple line sizes

Easier for product selection/ordering





Flexible, trim-able paddle

Used for measuring flows/triggering based on flow rate in different pipe sizes.

Using a small pair of pliers, the length of the paddle can be easily shortened to the required size.

Provides correct flow measurement based on pipe diameter without multiple paddle components.

No more need for making bothersome adjustments with screw drivers and sheet metal.

Contact-free reed switch

No reset spring.

No aging or fatigue on the mechanical components.

Stable switching points and insensitivity to dirt and icing

Compact size and light weight

Simplifies mounting

Useful for confined spaces where access is restricted

Glass fiber-reinforced plastic paddle

De-zincification is impossible

Avoids paddle rupture that can occur with sheet steel paddles that are exposed to poor water quality over longer periods of time

Glass fiber-reinforced plastic paddle

Gives paddle rigidity

Resistant to scale deposits, unlike steel paddles

Single part number

Handles multiple line sizes

Easier for product selection/ordering

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