Pressure Sensors

Wet Pressure Sensor

Wet Pressure Sensor

  • Absolute pressure measurements for liquid, gas, steam applications




US-compatible electrical and mechanical fittings

Provides correct connection to electrical conduit and pipe

No need for adapters-keeps total solution cost low

Low long-term drift

Maintains accuracy

Consistently accurate measurement over time

Compact, robust design

Provides highest operating safety

Minimizes failure or damage to equipment

Standard 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20mA signal

Input to controller

Fully compatible with Siemens systems and controllers for HVAC applications

A wide range of permissible medium temperatures:  -22 to 248°F (-30 to +120°C)

Broadens the range of applications

May reduce the total number of different products required on the job

Differential Pressure Sensors

Differential Pressure Sensors

  • HVAC

  • Energy management systems

  • VAV and fan control

  • Environmental pollution control

  • Static duct and clean room control

  • Oven pressurization and furnace draft controls




Zero and span adjustment

Allows field calibration

Ensures input accuracy over time

Conduit box housing option

Enables electrical conduit connection

Use where conduit is required

Glass-filled polyester case

Fire retardant

Plenum rated

Different measuring ranges

Better accuracy over needed range

Flexibility in product selection

24 Vac excitation, 0-10 Vdc analog output

Standard power / signal outputs

Compatible with Industry BAS controllers

Fully protected against reverse wiring

No wiring mishap

Prevents sensor damage

Easier installation

1% standard accuracy, higher accuracies to .25% FS available

Improves VAV system performance

Meets various application requirements

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