Air Quality Sensors

CO2/VOC Sensors

CO2/VOC Sensors

  • Measuring CO2 and VOC concentrations in lounges, restaurants, malls, sales rooms and parking garages

  • Measuring CO2 concentration in museums, theaters, classrooms and auditoriums




Provides field configurable 0-100-5 Vdc signal on all outputs. Passive temperature outputs also available

Reduce multi-sensing models installation, wiring and commissioning costs.

Automatically checks for correct product operation.

Fewer number of devices to install.

Lower total device cost.

Housing for CO2/T, CO2/H/T, CO2/VOC with built-in self-test capability

Allows manual field check of correct output signals.

Better appearance

Immediate notification of product defect on start-up.

Special commissioning mode LCD display on room types

Given visual, numeric indication of CO2 concentration and Temperature or Humidity indication.

Provides information locally to the occupant in the controlled or monitored space.

Duct housing

Mounting kit or aspiration box no longer needed.

Reduces product cost and faster installation time.

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