Hydronic Flow Optimization

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Video: Hydronic Flow Optimization

Video: Pressure Independent control valves: Hydronics made easy

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Hydronic Flow Optimization

Why address HVAC energy consumption with hydronic systems

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, commercial buildings consume about 40 percent of all energy worldwide, and HVAC systems account for more than 40 percent of buildings’ energy usage. Hydronic flow optimization is a prime way to reduce HVAC energy consumption, while increasing overall building efficiency and operational performance.

Separately or in combination, Siemens products contribute to a high level of hydronic flow optimization:

  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs) reduce pump speeds, resulting in lower energy consumption.

  • Pressure-independent control valves (PICVs) maintain proper flow throughout coils and heat exchangers, regardless of pressure fluctuations. Additionally, PICVs replace both the control and balancing valves with a single device to automatically balance hydronic flow.

Siemens VFDs and PICVs offer many benefits for consulting-specifying engineers, contractors and building owners who want to optimize applications and equipment, including:

  • air handling units

  • fan coils

  • variable air volume (VAV) units

  • unit ventilators

  • chilled beams

Whether for new construction or renovation, hydronic flow systems can be optimized with VFDs and PICVs.

Consulting-Specifying Engineers


Building Owners

• Easy to specify and select
• Simplified operation with no complicated hydronic calculations
• Accurate flow performance
• Ability to overcome low delta T syndrome in chilled water loops

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• Easy installation and commissioning, helping you turn over projects faster
• Eliminate labor costs associated with balancing
• Help end users realize long-term energy savings

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• Improved building comfort through enhanced temperature control
• Energy cost savings
• Extended equipment life

 Peachtree Center Case Study

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