OpenAir Fast Acting Electronic Rotary Actuators for
Critical Environments

GNP/GAP Series 53 lb.-in. (6 Nm) Torque

  • Supply Terminals

  • Exhaust Terminals

  • Fume Hoods




Unique self-centering shaft coupling

Concentric control for shaft sizes up to ¾”

Fast installation, no slip operationCenters damper shaft ensuring no side loading for longer equipment and actuator life

Brushless motor technology with stall protection

Rated for 100,000 full stroke cycles and minimum of 7,000,000 repositions

Longer product life than standard control actuators

Fast operation

2 seconds runtime

Quickly responds to control critical applications

One model performs all control signals

2-position, floating,              0-10Vdc,   2-10Vdc,            4-20mA, 0-20mA, and Siemens FHC/LRC pulsed control signal

Wide range of application – customer can select control type on the job

Feedback standard on all models

0-10 Vdc position feedback   - standard

Provides accurate feedback regarding actual position even on 2-position and floating control types

Selectable fail safe position

Fail open or closed upon power

- Ability to select fail-safe position on the job

- Safe, versatile performance

UL and cUL listed, CE certified

Meets agency requirements

Product certified for use anywhere in the world

Models available with dual, independently adjustable auxiliary switches

Provides built in proof of position

Adjustable position allows customer to determine open/closed position or run a low powered fan accessories with fast installation

24 Vac/dc compatible

Operate off of AC or DC power

Ability to operate off a DC backup power supply 

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