Damper Actuators

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Introducing a new damper actuator for critical environments — Siemens introduces the new GNP/GAP fast acting rotary actuators, bringing the proven OpenAirTM platform to critical environment control. Able to utilize multiple standard control signals, these actuators take only two seconds to rotate a full 90 degrees! This addition to the respected OpenAir product range is perfectly suited for Supply Terminals, Exhaust Terminals, and Fume Hoods.

Rotary Electronic Control

Siemens OpenAir Electronic Damper Actuators are designed for reliable operation, quick installation, and low power consumption. Features, such as a self-centering shaft adapter and standard wiring across the product line help technicians install the actuators quickly and accurately.

Fire and Smoke Control

These specialized Siemens OpenAir Electronic Damper Actuators are intended for use on UL listed smoke control dampers and combination fire/smoke rated dampers.

Fast Acting Rotary Control

Featuring a 2 second run time, the Siemens OpenAir Direct-Coupled Fail-Safe/Fail-in-Place Fast Acting Electronic Damper Actuators are designed for accurate and safe control of critical environment applications, such as laboratory fume hoods, constant or variable volume installations for the control of supply and exhaust air and terminal units.

Linear Electronic Control

Providing a Siemens electronic linear actuator solution to applications requiring a 2-3/8” or 2-7/8” linear stroke, these products are built on the proven platform behind the highly successful OpenAir rotary actuators.

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