APOGEE Wireless - APOGEE Building Automation System

APOGEE Wireless

APOGEE® Wireless building automation solutions offer increased comfort, greater flexibility and convenience at all levels of the APOGEE® Building Automation System architecture. Utilizing leading-edge wireless mesh technology at our Field Level Network and IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) technology at our Automation Level Network, APOGEE® Wireless allows the benefits of wireless to be realized today.

The leading-edge mesh technology used by the Wireless Field Level Network creates a self-forming, self-healing network --virtually transparent to the system and the end user. The mesh network topology ensures reliability by creating multiple redundant paths of communication. The network can't be compromised because a signal is able to circumvent obstructions as it seeks and finds its target.

Discover what APOGEE Wireless can do for you!

  • Protect and increase the value of your investment by constructing state-of-the-art, operationally efficient facilities. With Wireless, your building will be more marketable and you will be better prepared to capitalize on future technologies.

  • Simplify design while increasing flexibility; wireless environments easily adapt to changing needs.

  • Install or retrofit your building automation system faster, easier and with less disruption to occupants, operations and facility structure.

  • Eliminate costs and constraints associated with re-wiring and maintenance every time you reconfigure space.

  • Upgrade or expand legacy systems seamlessly and cost-effectively; if needed, you can stage migrations to accommodate budgets and schedules.

  • Provide occupants with a more comfortable indoor environment. Wireless devices can be strategically located for better control and increased sensitivity to changing conditions.

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