Web Applications - APOGEE System Software & Web Applications

APOGEE GO® for Insight

Access your facility's infrastructure systems from anywhere in the world with APOGEE GO for Insight®. You can access, view and command critical building information in real time over the Intranet or Internet.

  • Monitor alarms and graphics

  • Override and command set-points and control parameters

  • Create and override schedules

  • Run reports

APOGEE GO for InfoCenter Suite®

Provides access to InfoCenter Suite's Report Manager and Utility Cost Manager Applications. This allows users to run, schedule and review management-level reports using common Web browsers.

BACnet Web Server

The Field Panel Web Server provides a Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) compatible with BACnet networks. Using the Web Server, the facility operator can easily monitor and control the APOGEE Building Automation System through an intuitive Web-based user interface.

Field Panel GO

Ideal for small or remote facilities, Field Panel GO easily monitors and controls the APOGEE® system through a simple Web-based user interface.

  • Control and display data from all networked field panels

  • Transform the TCP/IP-based APOGEE® PXC Compact and PXC Modular into an integrated Web server, while maintaining full building automation and input/output features

Insight Terminal Services Option

Terminal Services provide a method for remote access to Insight, using Microsoft® Windows® Terminal Services.

  • Get full functional monitoring of your systems without being restricted to dedicated workstations

Web Tenant Override System

The Web Tenant Override System is beneficial to sites where tenants or employees are regularly working after-hours.

  • Free up facility staff by giving the tenant after-hours lighting and occupancy control via a Web browser or touch-tone phone interface

  • Get tracking and billing of after-hours usage

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