Siemens Insight Workstation - APOGEE System Software & Web Applications

Insight® Advanced Workstation provides a graphical approach to manage and control a building from an easy-to-use interface. The Insight Workstation provides for facility-wide efficiencies, as well as cost-effective operation and information sharing.

With the Insight Advanced Workstation, you can:

  • Graphically monitor and control the building environment

  • Schedule and modify mechanical equipment operation

  • Collect, view and analyze trend information

  • Connect other Insight workstations together, with centralized system management, using the networking feature

  • Troubleshoot and tune the system with Dynamic Plotter

  • Make management decisions with information and reporting capabilities

  • Export data to third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel®

  • Monitor and command BACnet® supportive devices and points through a single Insight workstation

Insight Options

Customize your system with Insight Advanced Workstation options.

Alarm Issue Management

Manage the life cycle of an alarm issue through all stages, from initiation to resolution

Compliance Support

Manage and track modifications and deletions of critical areas of your system

Life Safety

  • UL-Listed as a primary annunciator for fire

  • Take full control of the fire alarm system, including acknowledgement, silence and reset (remote notification and Web access also available)

  • Manage critical fire, security and automation events through a common interface

  • Schedule historical, diagnostic and detector sensitivity reports

Remote Notification (RENO)

  • Get alarm and system event information from your mobile phone, pager, email and more

  • Provides escalation capabilities to ensure response to critical events

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