InfoCenter Suite - Overview

The InfoCenter Suite® software package converts your building systems data into powerful information. InfoCenter Suite automates the process of archiving, collecting, analyzing, managing and reporting facility information, as well as reduces extensive labor costs inherent in this process.

With InfoCenter Suite, you can:

  • Profile energy usage, allocate utility costs and analyze HVAC performance using a range of powerful data mining and reporting tools

  • Support sustainability programs that require performance monitoring and certification reporting and the distribution of data to a wide range of end users

  • Adhere to regulatory requirements, such as FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records and Signatures

  • Facilitate accurate reporting for process validation via a secure and timely paperless recordkeeping system

  • Monitor critical environments and ensure strict adherence to specified operating conditions, such as those in isolation rooms, surgery suites, clean rooms and laboratories

  • Integrate data from multiple systems into a centrally managed and secure platform

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