Adaptive Control - Overview

Adaptive Control, which now comes standard with the APOGEE® Automation System, is an innovative way to control mechanical equipment. Adaptive Control automatically adjusts to fluctuations in mechanical systems, loads and seasonal changes to deliver superior performance in variable environments-all while minimizing error, oscillations and actuator repositioning.

This technology is built on the Model-Free Adaptive (MFA®) control software, a leading-edge and well-established industrial control algorithm from Cybosoft® that is exclusive to APOGEE Building Automation. It provides more efficient, robust, fast and stable control compared to traditional Proportional, Integral, Derivative (PID) control.

Benefits include:

  • Increased valve and actuator life expectancy: The reduction in cycling-induced wear and tear on valves and actuators increases their lifespan and reduces repair, replacement and maintenance costs for end devices

  • Energy savings: Better tuned loops lead to both reduced cycling and reduced offset from set-point and brings you energy savings

  • Improved tenant comfort: More precise temperature control, especially during seasonal change-overs, improves tenants' comfort levels in facilities

  • Increased staff productivity: Adaptive Control eliminates the need for seasonal retuning because it continuously and automatically adjusts to system changes, freeing up staff's time

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