Research Facility Solution

Research facilities are facing increasingly difficult challenges in today’s environment. The demands of meeting changing regulations, improving efficiency, saving money and reducing risk are forcing everyone to examine their operating procedures from a fresh perspective.

At Siemens Building Technologies, we have been providing our customers with innovative facility management products and services that address these very issues for many years. We have developed a solution designed especially for animal research facilities and their unique operational requirements.

Our solution takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the challenges you face every day. From the initial assessment through ongoing support, local expertise provides the systems, the services and the resources to ensure your facility is as compliant, efficient, cost-effective and safe as it can possibly be.

Combining advanced global innovation with extensive local expertise, Siemens Building Technologies can help you:

  • Meet applicable regulatory and accreditation requirements

  • Ensure the quality of environmental conditions

  • Improve staff productivity by developing a turn-key operation through integration of third-party systems and devices

  • Minimize operational costs through monitoring and control of environmental, equipment and utility conditions

  • Maintain a reliable and secure reporting system

  • Provide a secure environment to protect staff, animals and research integrity

  • Provide safe and healthy work conditions to minimize risk and liability

  • Provide a state-of-the-art environment conducive to recruiting and retaining staff

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