Life Science Industry Solutions

Solutions for your successful Life Science Environments.

Environmental conditions and space integrity are the cornerstone for achieving sustainable success in the life science industry. Personnel safety & comfort, security to safeguard assets, and compliance with all regulatory requirements. Siemens is your reliable partner to provide safe, secure, efficient and compliant environments at each step of your value chain.

Research Facility Solution

Siemens Life Science Animal Research Facility

We can help you meet the demands of regulation changes, efficiency improvements, cost savings and risk reduction.

Compliance Solution

Siemens Life Science - APOGEE Compliance

Discover how our bundled compliance solution can help you meet / maintain compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Biocontainment Solution

Siemens Life Science Biocontainment

Explore how our building automation system can help you meet applicable regulatory compliance for your biocontainment facility.

Critical Storage Solution

Siemens Life Science Critical Storage

Your patients and vital products and materials are safe through the regulation of critical storage area temperatures.

Green Lab Solution

Siemens Life Science Laboratory

Your laboratory is important to us. From safety for your people and assets to security to GLP and ER/ES compliance.

Design Guide

Access to detailed information for consulting engineers / professionals on the creation of laboratory systems and environments.

Solutions by Industry

Siemens Solutions by Industry

We provide customized solutions across complex market segments.

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