Critical Storage Solution

Maximize Your Investment, Protect Your Products

The Critical Storage Solution from Siemens Building Technologies is a complete system that monitors, alarms and reports on temperature in critical storage areas that store vital products/materials used in the treatment of patients and the manufacture or research of drugs / therapeutics.

The platform for our solution is your existing APOGEEĀ® Automation System, which means you:

  • Avoid learning/maintaining yet another disparate monitoring system

  • Meet regulatory/accreditation requirements with the least amount of time and resources

  • Mitigate risk from loss of costly product, application of damaged product and human error

  • Maximize use of existing assets by applying your existing Building Automation System (BAS)

  • Achieve operational efficiencies by allowing functional areas to concentrate on core activities rather than manual recording/archiving

Leveraging Your Existing APOGEE BAS is Easy

Our complete life cycle approach begins with an assessment of your current situation and your future goals so we can develop a solution specific to your long-term needs. The final solution incorporates an engineered monitoring/control infrastructure and information management system.

In addition, our Critical Storage service offering helps you maintain the established state of control:

  • Maintain a knowledgeable and reliable facility management staff

  • Assure continuous regulatory and/or accreditation compliance

  • Lock in long-term system performance

  • Enable reliable facility monitoring and reporting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Secure preventative maintenance and immediate recovery programs for systems and equipment

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