PXC Modular - APOGEE Field Panels

The PXC Modular provides high-performance, flexible Direct Digital Control of a typical building's end devices (sensors, actuators, equipment controllers, etc.) and a wide range of other systems (chiller, boiler, fire/life safety, security, lighting, etc.).

  • Easy installation and servicing: Din mounted components and a self-forming bus for power and communication provide for easy installation and quick servicing. Operators can change, expand and repair in most cases without shutting down the controller or disrupting operations.

  • Flexible and scalable: TX-I/O modules provide a wide range of point type and sensor support and are software configurable. The modular design allows for expansion at any point in a building's lifecycle.

  • Customizable: Integrate to other building systems (lighting, fire and life safety, security, etc.) using a variety of communication protocols including BACnet® and Modbus®

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