APOGEE Field Panels - APOGEE Building Automation System

APOGEE Field Panels

APOGEE® system field panels or controllers organize signals exchanged between equipment (sensors, actuators, drives, equipment controllers, etc.) and translate those signals into data. The data can be instantly viewable, programmable and actionable at the controller via control and reporting software or remotely through the Web.

Our controllers offer the right balance of price and functionality to meet your existing requirements, while providing a pathway to adapt to future requirements. They operate stand-alone (without a personal computer or minicomputer) or networked with other field panels.

PXC Modular

  • Add software configurable TX-I/O modules to increase point count

  • Powerful controller capable of monitoring and controlling 500 points in addition to networks of Floor Level Network devices

PXC Compact

  • Economical, programmable Direct Digital Control

  • Software configurable I/O points for more flexible and low cost controls

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