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Top 5 Reasons to Love Desigo™ CC from Siemens

Why love Desigo CC from Siemesn?

From robust monitoring and control capabilities through superior trend analysis and the work-flow driven user interface—there’s a lot to like about Desigo™ CC.

Isn’t it time to take this relationship to the next level?

Top 5 Reasons your Customers and Consultants will LOVE Desigo CC:

  1. Personalized building control experience - Desigo CC knows your customers’ most important, go-to items accessible in the related item pane. It’s a truly intelligent system that can anticipate their next move.

  2. Open system, standard protocols – Desigo CC offers the latest technology for new buildings and a platform for future growth. View supported communications standards:

  3. Desigo CC reflects what you want to see – Real-time, web-based visualization and remote access capabilities lets customers see what’s happening with multiple facets of their buildings with notifications through email, SMS and paging.

  4. Better reporting, increased reliability – A powerful reporting engine includes a wide range of standard reports and lets you create and customize reports—with templates that can be saved and modified for future use.

  5. Fire safety control where and when it’s needed – Desigo CC helps users respond intelligently and immediately to fire and life safety events and alarms.

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