APOGEE BACnet Scalable System

New features and functions providing increased scalability for the APOGEE® building automation system, including the following capabilities supported on the PXC Modular and PXC Compact based BACnet networks:

  • Controller-based web pages to view, command, and monitor

  • Remote web access to configure and edit Web-based controller database

  • Cost-effective BACnet MS/TP programmable controllers and remote I/O

  • User friendly and cost-effective local controller user interface

Key System Benefits:

  • Simple to use interface from any computer or laptop on the Internet with browser

  • Lower cost Internet Web Browser based solution limits the need for dedicated computer-based workstation

  • BTL-certified solutions for interoperability and adherence to strict BACnet protocol implantation guidelines

  • Local PXC controller user interface for monitoring, commanding and managing alarms in real-time with easy-to-use menu prompts

  • I/O modules on the BACnet MS/TP networks to cost-effectively manage remote I/O

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