APOGEE Building Automation Software

APOGEE…your way.


The APOGEE® Building Automation System offers you options:

  • Integrate multiple building systems no matter the manufacturer or installer

  • Achieve greater flexibility through open protocol interoperability

  • Expand, upgrade, optimize your facility systems

APOGEE Field Panels

The data can be instantly viewable, programmable and actionable at the controller via control and reporting software or remotely through the Web.

APOGEE Wireless

APOGEE® Wireless building automation offers increased comfort, greater flexibility and convenience.

Zone Control Unit

The Zone Control Unit (ZCU) from Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., is an exclusive, patented, pre-assembled variable air volume (VAV) system. ZCUs are delivered to job sites ready for immediate installation.

APOGEE Scalable Building Automation System

Achieving high-performing, comfortable, and energy-efficient facilities is seamless with the APOGEE Building Automation System with BACnet.

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