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A Resource Gap is Coming

Autonomous Buildings

Over the next 10 years nearly half of HVAC employees may retire.
Will customers follow?

As existing workforce approaches retirement, we are on the verge of a knowledge and resources gap.

Within the next decade, nearly half of the technicians and installers in the United States will retire. And they will take their expertise with them, leaving building owners to find new workers to fill those gaps. Worse still, new workers are not moving into facilities engineering careers; and when they are, they lack the same levels of expertise and training. Many building owners directly employ facilities staff who focus on servicing their building’s systems and equipment.

These employees often have years, even decades, of experience to draw upon. They know their buildings, the systems, and equipment well. In-house facilities staff, however, typically are overloaded with labor-intensive, day-to-day operations and troubleshooting. This manpower limitation prevents them from longer-term actions, such as updating aging infrastructure, completing preventive maintenance on equipment, and analyzing information that will help create action plans.

American oil consumption was on the rise as production declined, which meant we had to depend on imported oil.
The eventual oil embargo imposed by members of OPEC—led to fuel shortages and skyrocketing prices. Your company is about to experience its own personal energy crisis, except in this case, it’s a staffing crisis. Instead of rising demand for oil, you’ll see rising demand for building engineers with broad knowledge of automation, mechanical, fire, security, and IT systems. Instead of an oil embargo, you’ll see a shortage of qualified candidates while your existing teams retire. Your labor costs will follow the economic rule of supply and demand—demand is high, supply is low; salaries will rise accordingly.

Buildings are becoming data-rich environments, a fact that represents a fundamental shift in the facilities industry. This onslaught of information can benefit the systems in the facility, but will overburden an already overwhelmed workforce due to the amount of data collected from an increasing number of devices.

Did you know?

The good news is that this trend toward digitalization can help support your buildings and current staff. Spend 30 seconds and take a self-assessment of how your organization is prepared to address this resource trend.

The building of tomorrow is here today. Digitalization is helping building owners today address the skills gap to enhance the productivity of in-house facilities teams. When it comes to building technology, tomorrow is closer than you think. Digital Services combined with Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions can help you create the perfect place.

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