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Future Adaptability Whiteboard

Autonomous Buildings of the Future

Hindsight is always 20/20. But can you get 20/20 today?

You don’t want to look back and wonder what could have been. Now is the time to begin preparing your building for tomorrow’s technologies. What’s guiding your investments?

With technology changing at an ever-increasing pace, we’re seeing that many building owners are struggling to determine which technologies represent the best possible investments right now. It’s been more common for them to look at technology costs in the short term as they work to minimize capital expenditures

That forward-looking businesses and building owners are already realizing the competitive advantages that can be gained from smart building technologies. Soon, buildings that don’t have smart, connected systems will feel the impact—whether that’s from brand perception, community engagement, reputation, and so on.

In addition, failing to keep up with new building technologies means the building is gradually becoming obsolete. This obsolescence is leading to increased costs over time—both in terms of infrastructure improvements as they catch up to today’s technologies, as well as operational expenses associated with repairing and replacing obsolete equipment. By evaluating technology investments in isolation, you end up constantly chasing technology, rather than seeing the bigger picture over the long term.

Ultimately, today’s organizations face a new reality: get smart building technologies into your business strategy, or forfeit your competitive advantage and risk obsolescence. You don’t want to look back and wonder what could have been.

Technology is hard to catch up with.  How certain are you the investments you are making in your building today are the right ones to enhance your brand, reputation and ability to compete?



• How prepared are you for the future?

• Investing in technology today is investing in tomorrow.

• Technology is moving very fast and hard to keep up with.

• Many leaders in the industry recognize that a building’s value is based on its ability to adopt tomorrow’s technology and reap its benefits.

• It’s a challenge to understand which technologies make the best investments.

• An adaptable building aligns with the expectations of tenants, customers, and patients.

• The easy answer is to do nothing and save the decision for another day. But, your competitors are moving forward.

• That’s when your building becomes a competitive advantage.

• You need to ask: “How does the state of your facility affect your brand, your reputation, your growth, and your ability to compete?”

• Spending on connected buildings is expected to more than triple from 2013 to 2018, representing a 28.4 percent compound annual growth rate, it is safe to say that connected buildings will be the wave of the future .

The good news is that the trend toward digitalization and connected devices will create vast amounts of data you can employ to improve the lifecycle cost of your building, reduce resource consumption, capture new revenue opportunities, and maintain consistently high building and system performance.

The building of tomorrow is here today. Digitalization is helping building owners better run their buildings. When it comes to building technology, tomorrow is closer than you think. Digital Services combined with Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions can help you create the perfect place as well as prepare your building to meet not only the demands of today, but - due to a flexible and open technology - be adaptable to accommodate future changes.
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