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Integration Services


Maximize facility operation by leveraging APOGEE® features across an integrated system. You can control and monitor multiple building systems through Insight® as your site-wide user interface, adding value and improving decision-making and long-run cost-savings.

Take advantage of proven integration solutions to other building systems, devices, controllers and networks supporting:

  • Over 200 different manufacturers

  • More than 700 specific systems/devices

  • Over 70 communication protocols

Our unparalleled integration solutions can automate just about anything in your facility -from a 40-year-old boiler to state-of-the-art laboratory controls. We can even integrate your facility management systems with enterprise applications to help you run your business better. This flexibility allows you to choose a solution that best meets your requirements and is optimal for your facilities.

This emblem ensures that a system or equipment is already compatible with the APOGEE integration platform.

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