Fire Sprinkler Services

Rely on Siemens fire sprinkler inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair services to help ensure your fire sprinkler systems maintain operational status and compliance.

Discover how Siemens Fire Sprinkler Services can work for you

Properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler systems are the most effective means for protecting life, property, and businesses against fire.

Siemens technicians are NICET certified and have expert knowledge of codes, regulations, trends, and technologies. We can help you comply with NFPA 25 standards, local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requirements, as well as meet the federal, state, and local codes specific to your business.

Siemens provides total building solutions and can be your single point of contact for enterprise-wide fire and life safety, building automation, and energy management.

Comprehensive Documentation for Compliance Needs

You will receive an electronic inspection report that adheres to NFPA standards and satisfies the requirements of your local AHJ. Your electronic inspection report ensures legible documentation of your fire sprinkler service. Your Siemens technician will review the inspections report with you, discussing any deficient items, recommendations, and next steps.

  • Gauges

  • Control valves

  • Water flow alarm devices

  • Valve supervisory alarm devices

  • Supervisory signal devices

  • Hydraulic nameplate

  • Hanger / seismic bracing

  • Pipe and fittings

  • Sprinklers

  • Spare sprinklers

  • Information sign

  • Fire department connections

  • Valves (all types)

  • Internal piping condition & obstruction investigation

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