Advisory and Performance Services

Driving outcomes through value-based services

Advisory and Performance Services take a value-based approach to service; we call it Proven Outcomes. Our experts work with you to define a service program based on the goals and outcomes you need to achieve. We help you reach those goals with the support of knowledgeable service professionals, the latest digital technology, and smart processes that increase productivity and efficiency. These services deliver the results you need and demonstrate them with consistent tracking and robust reporting. Advisory and Performance Services are designed for your success.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services help your organization unlock the value of your building portfolio. We combine consulting and system expertise to create and implement strategies that reduce costs, manage minimize risk and support business goals.

Performance Services

Performance Services include building and system services – backed by powerful digital tools – that improve building operations and ensure long-term efficiency, sustainability and reliability. We leverage our complete portfolio of services for fire safety, security, HVAC, building automation and energy management systems to deliver a service program tailored to your needs.

Advisory & Performance Services Brochure

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Defining success: Together, we will put in place the process for monitoring performance and measuring results.

 Delivering performance - Through your service program, you’ll be leveraging the full resources of our entire organization to address your business goals.

Demonstrating results - We document results through tracking and reporting of your KPIs, providing the metrics you need to demonstrate performance.  We regularly review the results of the service program and discuss potential changes.

We’ve structured our service portfolio around achieving the common facility outcomes that help organizations meet their business goals.

Manage System Operation and Compliance



Manage System Operation & Compliance
Services that keep systems performing at their best, as designed and intended to operate, help you achieve:

• Optimized comfort, safety, and security
• Fulfilled regulatory requirements
• Greater transparency into critical systems
• Reduced operating risk

Optimize Performance & Productivity
Enhance building performance with improvement measures that increase productivity and efficiency; common outcomes include:

• Enhanced system performance
• Streamlined operational processes
• Improved decision-making through data analytics

Protect Lifecycle Investment


Enhance Energy Management & Sustainability


Protect Lifecycle Investment
Leverage past investments and address future requirements with advanced and proven technology, to achieve outcomes such as:

• Extended system life
• Maximized return on investment
• Realized benefits of new technology

Enhance Energy Management & Sustainability
Increase the value and competitiveness of buildings and infrastructure by delivering solutions that:

• Conserve energy
• Maximize efficiency
• Minimize operating costs
• Reduce environmental impact

Protect your building systems with the unmatched resources of Siemens:

  • More than 3,100 service employees at 100+ offices across North America

  • Local knowledge and expertise backed by global resources

  • Dedicated, experienced, and highly trained service professionals that know your systems and building codes

  • On-call service technicians available 24/7 for expedited service response

Advisory & Performance Services Line Card

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Building Automation Services

Ensures automation systems and
controls are performing at optimal
levels, maintaining occupant comfort,
and maximizing productivity and
energy efficiency.

Mechanical Services

Extends the life of mechanical
equipment and maintains optimal
performance for increased energy
savings and occupant comfort.

Electrical Services

Ensures the reliability, uptime,
performance, safety, and lifecycle
management of the electrical systems

Fire Safety Services

Ensures critical systems are operating
properly and are in compliance with
local and national codes and industry specific requirements.

Security Services

Ensures systems are fully functional
and optimized to provide protection
of people, assets, and property with
minimal business interruption.

Energy Services

Ensure buildings and infrastructure conserve energy, maximize efficiency, minimize operating costs and reduce environmental impact.

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