Siemens Partners with Consulting Specifying Engineer

On research study, "The Advantages of Collaborative Design"

Siemens Partners with Consulting Specifying Engineer

Siemens partnered with Consulting Specifying Engineer (CSE) Magazine to explore this ongoing market transformation.  The research study, The Advantages of Collaborative Design, surveyed nearly 300 architects and engineers to gain insight into the value and benefits of integrative design and early engagement with key stakeholders.  The research specifically explored perceptions related to the building automation and controls market and its role in the design and construction process.

Key highlights of the study include:

  • The most clearly defined benefit of integrative design is a reduction in change orders, with 82% of respondents rating this as their highest priority.  Since over 50% of all construction projects exceed budgets and timelines, any reduction in change orders reduces risk and exposure to cost overruns.

  • Nearly 50% of respondents identified that collaborative design reduced the overall project delivery cycle by six months or more, and nearly 60% saw measurable cost savings.

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