The Critical Role of Pre-Construction Services within the
Integrative Design Process

The construction industry’s rapid adoption of integrative design is breaking the paradigms of the traditional design and construction process.  Faced with inefficiencies inherent in the current process, owners, architects, contractors and engineers view integrative design as a means to streamline overall project deliver, reduce cost overruns, and strengthen key relationships early in the process to meet the owner’s project requirements. In addition, demand for greater efficiency and sustainability in new construction projects is also driving a shift in perspective:  Because traditional design and construction accounts for on average only 20% of the total lifecycle cost of a building, ensuring that building infrastructure and systems are designed to optimize long-term building performance is more critical than ever.

Engaging with key stakeholders in the design and construction process early to ensure collaboration and more effective communications is critical to the success of integrative design. Using a comprehensive approach, Siemens is committed to supporting the goals and objectives of collaborative design to ensure that building systems are integrated for optimal performance; that potential issues are identified early in the process; and that owner requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability throughout the building lifecycle are met.

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