PSS®E and PSS®MUST Customer Advisory Board

As announced at the 2015 U.S. PSS® Users Group Meeting (UGM) in Florida, Siemens PTI is creating a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) for PSS®E and PSS®MUST.

The CAB charter is fourfold:

  • Quarterly roadmap reviews (1.5 – 2 hours, every three months)
    o Nominate and vote on product enhancements
    o View results of previous votes, and how they fit into the product roadmaps
    o Three remote meetings and one face-to-face meeting (e.g. at UGM)

  • Bimonthly open forums (1 hour, every two months)
    o Learn how your peers are using PSS®E and PSS®MUST within their organizations
    o Discuss experiences, pain points, and open items

  • Future UGM planning
    o Vote on agenda topics, guest speakers, presentations, and locations

  • Beta testing*
    o Receive software prior to public release
    o Test in your environment and provide feedback to Siemens PTI for priority remediation

Participation in the CAB is a quick and easy way to steer the direction of PSS®E and PSS®MUST, and a way to create a sense of community among Siemens PTI and our customers.

The CAB is open to existing customers and membership is free. Each company can have multiple people participate in the CAB.  All meetings will be held via web conference, except for once per year when we will meet face-to-face at the UGM.

Although we have already started, you are not too late to join the CAB. Click the button below to request membership.

* Beta Testing is by invitation only or by upgrading to the new Premier Maintenance and Support (M&S).

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