PSS®E - Transmission System Planning


Transmission System Planning and Simulation

PSS®E is a trusted leader in the power industry for electric transmission system analysis and planning. Used by transmission planners, operations planners, consultants, and others in over 115 countries worldwide, PSS®E is powerful, customizable, and fully-featured. With the addition of integrated node-breaker support in version 34, PSS®E continues to lead the market in advances in electric transmission modeling and simulation software.

In addition to the base PSS®E software package, there is a rich ecosystem of optional add-on modules that provide extended capabilities to PSS®E users.  See the “Add-On Modules” Tab for more information.  ***Siemens PTI has recently invested heavily in the development of many new add-on modules, and we have even more coming out soon, so be sure to check the “Add-On Modules” Tab regularly!***

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