PSS®MUST - Transmission System Analysis


Managing and Utilizing System Transmission

PSS®MUST - Managing and Utilizing System Transmission

The capability to move power from one part of the transmission grid to another is a key commercial and technical concern in the restructured electric utility environment. Engineers determine transmission transfer capability by simulating network conditions with equipment outages during changing network conditions. Many uncertainties remain in the process.

The purpose of the PSS®MUST software is to efficiently calculate:

  • Transaction impacts on transmission areas, interfaces, monitored elements or flowgates

  • Generation redispatch factors for relieving overloads

  • Incremental transmission capability (FCITC)

  • FCITC variations with respect to network changes, transactions, and generation dispatch

  • The impact of transmission element outages on power flow by both DC and AC contingency analysis

  • Automated calculation of Available Transfer Capacity (ATC) and Available Flowgate Capacity (AFC) values

PSS®MUST complements PSS®E data handling and analysis functions with the most advanced linear power flow and user interface available. PSS®MUST speed, ease-of-use, and versatile EXCEL interface simplifies and reduces data setup time, and improves results display and understanding.

PSS®MUST includes a full Python™ Application Program Interface (API), allow fast and powerful integration of automated PSS®MUST workflow with PSS®E and other 3rd party tools, such as Microsoft Office.

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