PSS® Custom Software Services

More than just the standard software

With PSS® Custom Software Services, Siemens PTI offers more than just its standard base software packages. Its team of over 250 expert engineers worldwide leverage their unique product and industry knowledge to provide customized solutions and services around the PSS® software.


  • Takeover maintenance of customer code / custom scripts

  • Migration of code for latest version of API’s

  • Custom power flow model development, testing, validation and maintenance


Siemens PTI executes over 1000 projects a year that result in the following client benefits:

  1. Decreased time and money spent on resolving modeling, data, and code/scripting issues

  2. Increased efficiency in workflows and business processes

  3. Increased time to focus on utility core competence

  4. Harness the knowledge & experience of over 250 product and industry experts towards solving your specific problem

  5. Establish long-term partnership with PSS® Product Suite experts

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