PSS®ODMS – CIM-based Network Modeling & Analysis



PSS®ODMS is a multi-purpose software product used by power transmission system planners, operations engineers,
and operations planners to create, maintain, analyze, and exchange network model data quickly and easily for use
in long term planning studies, near-term operational planning, and real-time system operation.

  • For Transmission Planners
    PSS®ODMS simplifies the entire planning project workflow from conception to operation. It boosts the efficiency
    and ease of your modeling workflows, improves model reliability/accuracy, simplifies model exchange,
    and helps you achieve ongoing regulatory compliance.

  • For Operations Engineers
    PSS®ODMS provides a more efficient and reliable way of managing and exchanging operational data &
    models in a way that’s compliant with current regulations. It also provides Transmission System Operators
    (TSOs) with solutions for operator training and compliance with regulations around situational awareness
    and audit trails.

  • For Operations Planners
    PSS®ODMS automates the creation of accurate and reliable operational planning cases that are compliant
    with regulations, and easily exchanged with other entities.

With its flexibility, lightweight deployment, ease of use, CIM (IEC 61970) compatibility, open architecture, public
APIs, and seamless integration with planning tools like PSS®E, PSS®ODMS can benefit power companies of various
sizes and functions, including TSOs, ISOs, RTOs, balancing authorities, reliability coordinators, and integrated utilities.
Benefits include:

  • Greater efficiency in your model exchange workflows / business processes

  • Higher degree of accuracy in your power system studies, models, and simulations

  • Increased power system reliability/security

  • Fewer regulatory violations/fines

  • Turnkey compliance with key regulatory requirements around model accuracy, audit trails, network analysis,
    and model exchange, and network model/data formats.

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