PSS®MOD - Enterprise Transmission Planning Data Management


Model on Demand


The user can manage a great number of change cases for PSS®E. PSS®MOD assembles sets of model changes into "queues". Queues can then be managed and organized in various fashions depending on the needs of the PSS®E user. Queues are coupled with PSS®MOD seasonal and annual profiles to provide the PSS®E user with a procedure for organizing and reorganizing system investigations. All this without the need for generating a great number of PSS®E base cases, or repeatedly rerunning PSS®E cases when planning sequences change.

Model On Demand PSS®MOD revolutionizes transmission planning data manipulation and generation of major study data sets. PSS®MOD allows the system study engineer to:

  • Organize and reorganize, study cases without the need to generate a multitude of PSS®E "base cases"

  • Store a single master network model

  • Accommodate seasonal and annual profile data sets

  • Treat projects as sets of data changes that are applied serially in any order specified by the user

  • Export a PSS®E file considering equipment commission/ de-commission dates, out-of-service and in-service dates

  • Provide an unlimited number of ratings to be applied as Rate A, B, C in the exported PSS®E case

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