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Siemens' Spectrum Power™ Shared Architecture provides the infrastructure for a utility to integrate software systems that support reliability and market operations using the principles of a Service Oriented Architecture.

In the typical utility environment, software systems are purchased from different vendors and/or internally developed, resulting in a diverse computing environment with point-to-point interfaces between these systems. Spectrum Power™ Shared Architecture provides a platform that includes an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and an expanded set of Spectrum Power™ Shared Architecture services, which may be used to upgrade the utility computing environment.

Spectrum Power™ Shared Architecture also includes a set of services that are commonly needed for in the operations environment such as support for high availability, system resiliency, cyber security and archive/audit.

Spectrum Power™ Shared Architecture was co-developed by Siemens Energy, Inc. and PJM Interconnection, LLC.

Business Service Components communicate via the ESB and adapters supplied by Siemens (Siemens Adapter Framework/Siemens Communications Framework) or by the user.

BSCs may use the following common or shared services:

  • The Enterprise Service Bus

  • Activation Orchestration Application

  • Hardware and Application Monitoring

  • Naming Service

  • Context and State Management Service

  • Cyber Security Services

  • Process Orchestration

  • Service Manager

  • Web Services

  • CIM-CIE Standard Messages